Bluetooth 3.0 Woot

Posted: 23/04/2009 in General, In The News

Bluetooth 3.0 is finally official. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has officially adopted the Bluetooth 3.0+High Speed specification.

As a reminder, in devices that have both Bluetooth 3.0 and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth will be used to pair the two, but actual data transfer will take place over Wi-Fi via an ad hoc Wi-Fi connection. This is especially useful when moving large files like photos, video, and more. The new specification also addresses energy savings with built-in power controls that will help conserve battery life.

Bluetooth 3.0 will be backward-compatible, and chipmakers like Atheros and Broadcom are already working on making the hardware for it. Consumer products with Bluetooth 3.0 are expected in about nine to 12 months.

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