First Look: Alienware Android Cell Phone

Posted: 17/05/2009 in Bits and Bobs

Well if the Dell is not cool how about an Alienware cell phone?

OMG that looks so cool…..I wonder if the bottom edgeas of the phone will be able to open a beer bottle? Now that would be cool.


  • Classic Alienware eye catching design
  • Large screen with high resolution
  • Superb video gaming capability
  • Fantastic Audio
  • Built on the Google Android platform
  • Bottle opening base

Alienware are famous for their eye catching designs and innovative technology, only last month they launched the ultimate in video gaming experience, a giant curved monitor that fills the entire of the gamer’s peripheral vision. Conclusion, Alienware cool, Dell not cool.

alienware curved screen monitor

Read the full article> HERE

  1. Allen Pereira says:

    I live in India and would like to have the phone, would it work here and pls can I know the costing.. Thanks..

    • Alan Cain says:

      Hi Allen, This phone unfortunately is a concept phone and Dell have not put this into production.

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