In The Tech News

Posted: 08/07/2009 in All Teched UP!, In The News

Introducing the Google Chrome OS
Google Plans to Introduce a PC Operating System (for netbooks)
Sequoia, Greylock Take Stake In OpenDNS
Ask HN: What kind of index is Google using here?
HTML 5 Parsing
Review my app: For you NYC Hackers/Subway Riders
Backtype (YC08) releases Tweetcount, far more accurate than Tweetmeme
Scientists extract images directly from brain (2008)
Gmail is out of beta
SSH server 0-day exploit
Heyzap (YC09/USV) Looking For Summer Intern!
Vector Magic – Convert bitmap to vector
Most Printers Secretly Add Their Serial # to Everything They Print
Results of the Google Native Client security contest
2009 Rails Rumble Registration Open
Interesting thoughts on Windows 7 design from a long-time Mac user
Android on x86
Coding Horror: Code: It’s Trivial
Michael Lewis on A.I.G.
Interracial Roommates Can Reduce Prejudice
Feeling nostalgic? New Gmail Beta called “back to beta”.
CSS Sprites are Stupid – Let’s Use Archives Instead (Firefox Demo)
Rules for Bootstrapped Web App Startups
Pandora (And Other Internet Radio) Has Officially Been Saved
VLC Media Player 1.0.0 is finally out
The Rise of the Data Scientist
Big Banks Don’t Want California’s IOUs
The VC Model, The Funded, and The Problem With Associates
DIY on the Moon: how Buzz saved the launch back to Earth

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