All Teched Up

Posted: 16/07/2009 in All Teched UP!, Bits and Bobs, In The News

All teched up

The Game Crafter- CafePress for Boardgames
Twitter’s Internal Strategy Laid Bare: To Be “The Pulse Of The Planet”
Nmap 5.00 Released – biggest release since 1997
Magic Wars (YC W09) Turns Your iPhone Into A Virtual Wand
Today Was The Last Day of Sun Microsystems
Why I’m Quitting Social Media
Scalable Web Architectures and Application State
Java Hack: Double Brace Initialization
iPhone app monitors speed traps
What went wrong with economics
TechCrunch: Skating on Thin Ice
Woobius – a taste of magic
The Big Mac index: Value meal
Nearest Subway App Overlays Subway Directions On the Real World
Robots for Newspapers
Hofstadterian Loops
HTML5 drag and drop in Firefox 3.5
Palm Blog: Mojo SDK available to all
Who Needs Domain Experts
Prototype Based Programming Languages
Ask HN: review my app: Search engine: ruby/rails, javascript, CSS,

All Teched Up

A Guide to Google Analytics and Useful Tools Developer’s Too
26 Professional Photoshop Retouching Tutorials
Business Card Design: 100+ Creative Examples, Useful Tutorials and
50 Useful Tools and Generators for Easy CSS Development : Speckyboy
Stack Overflow Architecture High Scalability
72 Sets of Free Social Bookmarking Icons – Icons – Geek Sucks
115 Amazing Dual Screen Wallpapers To Spice Up Your Desktop Showc
27 Stunning Examples of Header Design Inspiration – Inspect Element
10 Incredible Sites to Improve Your Typography Skills Web Design
Twitters Internal Strategy Laid Bare: To Be The Pulse Of The
Online File Storage with PHP – Nettuts+
wkhtmltopdf – Google Code
Create Your Own Sun Jar: Lifehacker Edition – Threely – The Shortest URL Shortener in the World!
Teaching with Technology / Index
How to Behave: New Rules for Highly Evolved Humans
Create a Twitter-Like Load More Widget – Nettuts+
10 things you should cover in your social networking policy 10 Th
We Choose the Moon: Command Service Module Ignites
IE6 Must Die for the Web to Move On
The Game Crafter – Your game REALIZED – Home
Fair Use Evaluator
Encrypt Your Web.config, Please Yet Another WebDev Blog
How to Recharge the Air Conditioner in a Car – wikiHow
Software Updates: Courgette (Chromium Developer Documentation)
NASA – NASA High Definition Video: Partially Restored Apollo 11 Vid
Create Your Own Sun Jar: Lifehacker Edition – DIY Creations – Lifeh
A Good Appetite: Oatmeal Stout and Heath Bar Ice Cream
Twitter for Business FAQ
Autism as Academic Paradigm –

8866_main_glassestapeEven More Tech

SweetFM Brings LastFM to Your Desktop, Saves Songs to iTunes
Dead-Simple DIY Camera Clamp Mount
Quick Add to Google Calendar with a Hotkey
Lifehacker Reader’s Favorite Search Engines
The Crafter’s Attic
eBay Drops Listing Fees for Five Items Every Month
Save Firefox Bookmark Searches to Create Dynamic Folders
Eliminate Dirty Looks With DIY Deodorant
Gadget and Gear Deals of the Day
ScheduleOnce Finds Common Meeting Times Inside Google Calendar

Google Reader Watcher Adds RSS Notifications to Firefox


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