All Teched Up

Posted: 18/07/2009 in All Teched UP!, Bits and Bobs, General, In The News

All teched up

You can go to the bathroom whenever you want at Microsoft
Five Myths about Financing Start-ups that Hurt Entrepreneurs
Why chips in passports and ID cards are a stupid idea
Amazon deletes purchased copies of 1984 from Kindle
Trapped in python package; send food.
In future we will all work for Google: L.A. govmt – Google cloud?
Why I won’t be at my high school reunion
When I died
Creating the Illusion of Accomplishment
Why Do You Love Programming?
Ignore That Scary MSNbot, It’s Just The Friendly BingBot – Unless It Attacks
Dark Flash Photography – UV/IR Flash Instead of Visible Light
CAPTCHAs’ Effect on Conversion Rates
Memcached 1.4.0 released
Software Engineering: An idea whose time has come and gone?
Renraku OS: Initial Release
Serious doubts about the App Store
Amazon is not the enemy
How to recover a combination to a lost Master combination pad lock
The Calorie delusion: why food labels are wrong
Ask HN: How do you see the future of computing ?
Firefox 3.5.1 Released, fixes Windows load time issue
Ask PG: Is voting on HN anonymous?
Clever PNG Optimization Techniques
The Hacker’s Diet


15 Really Useful Web-based HTML Editors
5 Fun and Practical Htaccess Solutions – Nettuts+
Lessons From Swiss Style Graphic Design Inspiration Smashing Ma
rwhdj.jpg (JPEG Image, 1440×2040 pixels)
6 Promising And Open Source Social Networking Softwares To Create Y
Developer Color Picker
10 Free High Res Coffee Stains Textures
Techy Tips for not so techy teachers
click2try. A community site where it’s easy to try Open Source
The Art of the Landing Page Seven Tips for Increasing Conversio
Find web visitors location automatically with javascript and Goo
eBooks Gratis – Buscamos por ti libros libres y legales, y la forma – Start Something!
A Guide to Google Analytics and Useful Tools Tech7.Net
8 Common Graphic Design Myths Revealed Creative Opera Design Blog


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