All Teched Up

Posted: 22/07/2009 in 1, All Teched UP!, Bits and Bobs, General

All teched up

China and “our standard of living”
Bump (YC S09) is Hiring Java / Android / Mobile Developer
The Calculus Trap
Death spiral
Build Your Next Web Application with Erlang (pdf)
Nobody Hates Software More Than Software Developers
Cuil Tries to Rise Again
My Engineyard Contest Odyssey
How breadpig made $30K (for charity) in 2008 selling magnets in our spare time
Winning team’s approach to EY’s SHA-1 contest (Fast GPU cluster, not the cloud)
The Collapse of Harvard’s $36.9 Billion Endowment
On the apparent Apple suicide
Ideas Ubuntu should steal from Windows 7
4 and 8 year old sisters impress judges in programming contest
Finding Local Twitter Trends with Perl
Young German architects are designing structures made out of living trees
How Ning Plans To Justify Its $750 Million Valuation
Canvas Demos: demos, games, tools and tutorials for the HTML canvas element
Yahoo to Acquire Xoopit for About $20 Million
Hacking CSRF Tokens using CSS History Hack
Graphs, Permutations, Characters, and Logspace
Startup schools: a guide to U.S. venture incubators

And there’s more…………

Build Your Next Web Application with Erlang (pdf)

100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About


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