Search Speedcine to Watch Movies for Free

Posted: 24/08/2009 in General, How to....

So before we start for one or two of these sites you will get directed to only let you view the content if you are within the USA. If you are in any other part of the world you could use ‘Hotspot Shield‘ but that’s up to you.

So you want to watch movies for free? Speedcine indexes movies and where they can be watched for free-and legally!—across the web.

Speedcine indexes feature length movies—by their definition at least 60 minutes long and not television shows—they currently have 13,000 movies in their database. When you search for a movie you’re provided with multiple ways to watch the movie.

The primary link is to the free streaming source—movies come from providers like Hulu, Jaman, and Crackle, all authorized to stream the movies. There are other links, when available, for services like iTunes, Amazon VOD, Netflix, and so on. Part of Speedcine’s revenue stream is generated by referrals to these services, although if you already have a Netflix account, for example, you can just sign in and add the movie to your queue.

Speedcine is a free service and requires no login.


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