All Tecked Up

Posted: 01/09/2009 in All Teched UP!, How to....

All teched up

Make Free VoIP Calls from Google Voice – Google Voice – Lifehacker
Computer Repair with Diagnostic Flowcharts – Troubleshooting Dell,
Five Popular Design Portfolio Website Styles
40 Freelance Writing Blogs Freelancing and Outsourcing Tips, Comm
What is the Future of Teaching?
15 Unconventional Uses of WordPress in Action
Best Sites to Download Free Patterns Photoshop Tutorials
9 Most Useful jQuery Plugins.
You’re a little company, now act likeone – Blog – Startups +
Really Useful Tutorials You Should Have Read in August 2009 W3Ave
250+ Light Effect Brushes for Photoshop
Amazing Fonts
Anscombe’s quartet – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
7 Photography Projects to Jumpstart your Creativity
25 Linux tips for Windows switchers News TechRadar UK
Goollery – A collection of awesome Google-related projects from peo
Using Compass and Sass for CSS in your Next Project – Nettuts+
Larva Labs – Android Market Sales, Are Those Tears or is it Raini
10 Killer Flash Tips For Beginners Tools
How Do You Keep Your Email Address Private? – Email – Lifehacker
Windows Exploit Programming Primer Tutorial


And there’s more…..

EBay to sell Skype to investment group including Andreesen Horowitz
John Siracusa’s in-depth review of Snow Leopard on Ars Technica
The programmer’s wife
What Kate saw in Silicon Valley
Bill Hicks’s Principles of Comedy
Pass the lubricant
The SSD Relapse: Understanding and Choosing the Best SSD
Null Considered Harmful
‘Reading Rainbow’ is no more; children no longer assumed literate.
You’re a little company, now act like one
Windows Exploit Programming Primer [2 hr video]
Segmentation of the Top 100 Sites in the US
Cross-protocol XSS with non-standard service ports
Download IE 8 and donate 8 meals to charity
Performance in Factor, Java, and Clojure
Android Market Sales data: pitiful $64/day for a Top 5 app
The Paradox of Empty Storefronts
Pretweeting — a market game based on twitter word frequency
New York City is poised for a tech revival
Why Google won’t create the next Twitter or Facebook or Posterous
What are you reading?
The Value of Game Ideas
Thousands call for Turing apology
Turns out CS4 is the Snow Leopard Problem Child
JQTouch – jQuery plugin for mobile web development
Cheap Arduino Wireless Communications
Tips to a new django developer
Dutch teen develops pedal-powered plane
The best salespeople have expensive hobbies

Top ‘How To’

How to hack a Sony Reader

  1. Pretweeting seems down for a while. You should try It is a Twitter Stock Market Game. You are investing in Twitter users. If user’s follower count increases your money also increases. You have to find popular twitter users before than everyone else.

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