Pointless Websites

Posted: 07/09/2009 in General

Here are but a few poinless and utterly useless sites. Feel free to add more.

Red Remover – Quirky game – best with the sound off
Weird Cakes – …
Obey the Kitten – …
Cube Timer – Handy for when you are speed solving the Rubik cube….
Personas Web – Just type in your first and last name. Then read all about yourself. Slightly spooky when it gets things right. Totally pointless when it does not.
Need a vacation? – Still need a vacation? Useless nonsense.
Sinewave Synthesizer – Whoop! Make “music” without knowing how to.
Quick fix pics – …
Message from the future – Goodbye to print?
Cricket! – …
This is the only level – Like achievment unlocked without the achievements
Virtual tours gone walkabout – Interactive 3D from a moving wraparound 360 degree camera in a live environment….
Ertdfgcb.ch – Heaps of pointless interactive nonsense. Catchy domain name…
Awesome Game – His best score is zero…. W.O.T.
This is Sand – Interactive pointless plaything…
QWOP – Just run to the end! Ha.
Mattress Dominoes – World record attempt….
Party Tencho – Kiss ma – ….
Chat to strangers – pointless but compelling in a weird sort of way
Drums – Yay…

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