5 Cool Websites to Play Chess Online

Posted: 01/10/2009 in General

Chess is one of ancient game that is played since ages by intellectuals and common people alike. Playing chess requires skills and acquit concentration. It also helps in improving once strategies and decision making power. Chess is played between two players so if you do not have an opponent to play with you can always find one on Internet. Internet is one large community with millions of users online at any time. There are some dedicated sites for playing chess online where you can find players to play with. If there are no players then you can always play the game against computer.

Here are 5 cool sites where you can play chess with people around the world or with some of the smartest computers. Challenge opponents, know new tricks, and get tips, play chess tournaments and more on these sites for free.

Chess Here

Chess Here is one of the coolest sites to play chess online. There are hundreds of users online from all over the world in this site. You need to register with the site to play chess, it complete in few seconds and it is completely free. After you have registered you can play real time chess or correspondence chess which gives a way new experience of playing chess. In real time chess you can play chess quickly with real people. Whereas correspondence chess is slow version which does not have time limit so it may take hours or days to finish a game.

You can interact with other players while you play on this site, take advises and suggest moves to others. For free membership you can play up to 5 games per day if you wish to play more then you can upgrade your account according to your choice.


Gameknot is one another special place to play chess online. You can create an account for free to access limited features or have a premium membership to have premium access. You can challenge real people from around the world or play with computer. In the monthly tournaments you can compete with many people to improve your chess skills. You can have teams and clubs in Gameknot this gives you an opportunity to make friends and also interact with them online.

Chess Hounds

Chess Hounds is a completely free online chess community where you can join and play for free. All that you have to do is register with the site and start playing chess with real people from all over the world. If there are now people available then you can always compete with computer to improve your skills. In this site you can also watch live game of others and export games as PNG format.

Yahoo Games

Yahoo offers various services for free and Yahoo games are one of those free service. In Yahoo games you can find chess section where hundreds of users from all around the world play chess with one another online. Best thing is you can play chess even from Yahoo messenger while chatting with your friends. You can invite your friends to play chess instantly or play with a new player to make friends. As it is completely free and you can play has many games as you would like to play.


Chess.com is completely dedicated for chess so you can sign in for free. There will be hundreds of players from various countries playing chess in this site. You can play online and live chess with real people from various countries. When you click on play live chess you can see invitations from number of people online. Accept invitation to play with that player it will be so real and interesting, with chat, play one to one.

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