All Teched Up!

Posted: 29/10/2009 in All Teched UP!

All teched up

From the Tips Box: Windows 7 Screencasting, Quicksilver, and Recipes
Google Music Search Officially Launched
Remains of the Day: DIY Virtual Goggles Edition
Warm Up in Style with Coffee Presses and Tea Infusers
Learn to Compile Software from Source Code
Mozilla SeaMonkey Updated to 2.0
The Left 4 Dead HUD Desktop
Set Up Windows Home Server to Automate Your Backups and Corral Your Media
Add Your Facebook Events to Google Calendar
Download a Free Philip Glass MP3 Album from Amazon


Voice Mac is an Integrated Google Voice Client
Eat More Black Pepper to Increase Your Food’s Nutritional Value
Trick Out Google Apps for Your Domain
A Clean (Smelling) Workplace Increases Fairness and Generosity
Firefox 3.5.4 Security Update Available for Download
Google Maps Navigation Brings Slick Turn-by-Turn GPS to Android
Opera 10.01 Update Adds Security and Stability
AccidentSketch Helps You Create Detailed Accident Reports
Google Images Adds Similar Search Function
ISO Downloads and Fixes for Windows 7 Student Download
Plex Updates with Apple Remote Fix for Snow Leopard
How Do You Like Windows 7 So Far?
Remains of the Day: Android 2.0 Looks Great Edition
Best Portable Application Suite: PortableApps
Silence Your Home’s Creaky Pipes
Shop Goodwill Brings the Thrift Store’s Best Online
PhotoJoy Turns Your Pictures into Screensavers, Collages, and Desktop Widgets
VMware Fusion Updates with Excellent Windows 7 Support
Fix uTorrent (and Other Application) Quirks in Windows 7
Tent Pods and Pizza Ovens: The Spacious Workspaces of Mono
PicTranslator Turns Your iPhone’s Camera into a Language Translator
Run Like a Hunter For Injury-Free Workouts
Google Wave Will Launch an App Store
Gadget and Gear Deals of the Day
Cheap, Money-Saving Winterizing Moves Worth the Hassle
What’s Your First Impression Ritual?
CyanogenMOD Hits Stable 4.2.1 Release, Reduces Home Screen Lag
Google Voice AIR App Keeps Voicemail and SMS on Your Desktop
Put Together a Winter Home Emergency Kit
GazoPa Finds Images Similar to Uploads, Links, or Drawings

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