15 Must Have Guides

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    1 – Internet Guide for the Movie Addict

    Written by Saikat Basu, this entirely free PDF production will show you anything you’ve ever dreamed about knowing related to movies on the web. Whether you want a quick heads-up, are looking for download and streaming possibilities, or even want to fix broken AVI’s — you’ll find it in there!

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    2 – Internet Guidebook for An Audiophile

    In fourty pages, Will Mueller from tells you all you need to know about free internet listening to music, streaming audio to your computer, and free download music sites to get all your favorite songs and albums in a whim. Learn how to share music with others and track a band’s performance and album releases!

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    3 – The Incredible Free Manual for Every Mac User

    Jackson Chung, devoted Mac writer and Assistant Editor on MakeUseOf wrote this slick, sixty-odd paged monster; based on Snow Leopard – the latest release of the Mac OS X operating system. In it, he tells you everything you need to know about Mac. Jackson supplies you with numerous tips, tricks and free applications. Get the hang of the interface and discover what your Mac is really capable of.

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    4 – The Underground Guide to the iPhone

    Written by Stefan Neagu. Read about the basic user interface and a ton of incredible iPhone features you would’ve otherwise missed. Stefan explains in detail how to perform both the very simple and the most tedious tasks. Find out how to get your hands on fresh applications, how to keep your device synchronized and even how to jailbreak your iPhone!

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    5 – Twitter: Best Practices & Tips

    In this massive guide, our very own publishing editor Mark O’Neill, tackles every Twitter feature and tips and tricks you can think of. Learn to work the interface, to Tweet from your desktop, cool Twitter bots and funniest people to follow. With this free manual, Mark will make sure you get your black belt in Twitter.

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    6 – The Ultimate Guide to your Windows Mobile Phone

    If you have a Windows Mobile phone, you will know that stuff can occasionally get pretty difficult. These devices, which are basically mini-computers, have endless possibilities — and thus endless possible difficulties as well.

    This is where we come in. Whether you want to (re)discover the most basic features and applications of your device, extend it with new applications and tools, or even flash a custom ROM, the Windows Mobile Guide comes to the rescue.

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    7 – A Computer Geek’s Smart Productivity Guide

    In this free twenty-paged PDF, Stefan Neagu (yes, he wrote quite a lot of manuals back then) will show you the most common productivity mistakes, as well as a number of applications to improve your touch typing, your time organization, and your global workflow.

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    8 – Building a Media Center for your Home

    Active MakeUseOf contributor and eBook writer Stefan Neagu, will walk you through all the steps of understanding and creating your own media center.

    Read all about the different hardware components, software candidates and media extenders, in this manual for geek to techno-deprived.

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    9 – The Only Easy Guide To Computer Networks

    To help you set up your networks, as well as with all that comes after, MakeUseOf proudly presents the MakeUseOf Network Manual.

    In 33 illustrated pages, Stefan Neagu familiarizes us with the networking knowhow, from Adapters to Zimbabwe-proxies. It’s a great place to start off as a newbie, or to pick up as an already more advanced user.

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    10 – The Big Book of BitTorrent

    BitTorrent, is a great, perhaps even the best way to download files, both in concept as in use – that is, once you’ve got the hang of it. Saikat Basu takes newcomers by the hand and guides them in their first steps. Initiates, but also the more experienced users get their fair share of information.

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    11 – A Newbie’s Getting Started Guide to Linux

    In this free ebook you’ll be introduced to the basics of the Linux operating systems. Get to know what it is all about, and familiarize yourself with the practical side. Basically, if you’re a complete Linux newbie and looking for a quick and easy guide to get you started – this is it.

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    12 – The Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop

    An Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop is the starter’s manual for every Photoshop initiate to carry! This guide starts right at the very bottom, assuming no knowledge at all, and walks you through all basic aspects of the application. The guide even comes with three full pages of shortcuts, cheat sheets covering all the application’s possibilities!

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    13 – The Big Book of iTunes

    50+ pages of great iTunes tips and tricks along with illustrative screenshots, written by our very own Mac writer Jackson Chung. The iTunes book has got plenty of cool iTunes tips and tricks for you, some were published on MakeUseOf before and others were collected from different parts of web.

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    14 – The Idiot’s Guide to Building Your Own PC

    With the complete amateur in mind who has no technical knowledge whatsoever, we show you how to build your own PC! This is a guide where we literally ‘hold your hand’ every step of the way.

    MakeUseOf has teamed up with our very own Karl Gechlik to bring you nearly 50 pages full of screenshots, links to video demos and easy how-to instructions for every step involved. The result? The Idiot’s Guide to Building Your Own PC.

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    15 – Laptop Buying Guide for 2009

    MakeUseOf teamed up with Laptopical.com to give you a Laptop Buying Guide for 2009. It’s a quick 20 page guide with an abundance of screenshots and links to video reviews. This guide is intended to help buyers make an informed choice regardless of previous computer knowledge.

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    (BONUS) PSP Up- and Downgrading Guide

    Learn how all about up- and downgrading your PSP. We discuss the older software methods, as well as the newer, hardware tricks. With this guide in hand, you can put a modded firmware on nearly any available PSP. Explained to accommodate the absolute novice.

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Guys. Lots of work went into those manuals. Every manuals went through several people to make sure that it offers the best tips and tricks on topics. Please, help us, spread the word! Download, digg, stumble, retweet, and share them on Facebook!

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