Things that Firefox Can Do for You

Posted: 11/12/2009 in Bits and Bobs, free stuff, General
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There are hundreds of things that Firefox can do. Extensions can enhance your Firefox, but browsing through hundreds of extensions can be time consuming and some of them are useless.

What are the most popular and most functional Firefox extenstions ?

  1. Block ads on webpages : Adblock Plus
  2. Use mouse gestures (powersurfing) : All-in-One Gestures
  3. Download manager in a statusbar : Download Statusbar
  4. Customize Google pages; remove ads : CustomizeGoogle
  5. Discover interesting sites being recommended by others : StumbleUpon
  6. Manage tabs (multiple links/duplicate/close etc ) : Tab Mix Plus
  7. Look up any word in dictionary : Answers
  8. Translate pages : Translator
  9. Download videos : Video DownloadHelper
  10. Block Flash ads or content : Flashblock
  11. Blog about the current page : Performancing for Firefox
  12. Clear the cache with one click on the toolbar : Clear Cache Button
  13. Surf the web without leaving a trace in my computer : Stealther
  14. View an Internet-Explorer-only webpage in Firefox : IE Tab
  15. See weather information : ForecastFox
  16. Download/upload files using ftp : FireFTP
  17. Speed up Firefox : Fasterfox
  18. Blog to Blogger service : BlogThis
  19. Synchronize Firefox bookmarks on different computers : Bookmarks Synchronizer
  20. Bypass mandatory registration of username and password for sites : BugMeNot
  21. Be notified when new mail arrives at Gmail account : Gmail Notifier
  22. See thumbnails of pages in session history : Reveal
  23. Store and sync bookmarks online : Chipmark
  24. Chat on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) : ChatZilla
  25. Minimize Firefox to system tray : MinimizeToTray
  26. Use Gmail for space : Gmail Space
  27. Add/remove/change some features for sites : GreaseMonkey
  28. Block phishing sites : NetcraftToolbar
  29. Control iTunes using Firefox : FoxyTunes
  30. Use a sidebar to control multiple functions : All-in-One Sidebar
  31. Open PDF files in a new tab : PDF Download
  32. Save all the images/media on a page : Magpie
  33. Zoom in/out on an image : Image Zoom
  34. Search the bookmarks : Locate in Bookmark Folders
  35. Manage user styles for sites : Stylish
  36. Edit bookmarks easily : Flat Bookmark Editing
  37. Download/open all/selected links on a page : Linky
  38. Add a powerful multi-functional preference bar : PrefBar
  39. Add more search engines to Firefox search box : Mycroft
  40. Create a tiny url : TinyUrl Creator
  41. Track time spent browsing / on a project : TimeTracker
  42. Add RSS feeds to web-based/desktop readers or reader extensions : LiveLines
  43. Search up to 25 custom chosen sites : Roll your Own Search for Firefox
  44. See Alexa information, search engine backlinks for a page : SearchStatus
  45. Fill web forms with name/address/email etc : Autofill
  46. See all tabs in one window : Viamatic foXpose
  47. Automatically copy the selected text to clipboard : AutoCopy
  48. Change user agent for certain sites : User Agent Switcher
  49. Find the meaning of selected word in a dictionary : DictionarySearch
  50. Create new different passwords for different sites : PasswordMaker

Please tell me what you think of this idea in the comments section below:


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