2009 Year in Review

Posted: 25/12/2009 in 1

The year is fast winding down and everyone is no doubt looking forward to a break over Christmas. If you want some reading and pondering material over the holidays, during December we’ve been publishing a series of annual review posts. We’ve picked our best products of the year in 10 categories, analyzed the top companies and made our predictions for 2010. Click on the links below for more details.

For our Best BigCo of 2009, we selected Google – due to its continued innovation throughout the year. For our Best LittleCo of 2009, we chose a startup that exemplifies the Real-Time Web. For Most Promising for 2010, we selected a company that aims to change the way we search.

In late December the ReadWriteWeb team made a set of predictions for 2010, which we encourage you to comment on and add to over the holidays. It’s always fun to look back on the previous year to see how well you did!

ReadWriteWeb Readers Pick The Top 10 Products of 2009

As voted by our readers in December, these were the ten best products of the year:

1. Twitter

2. Google Chrome

3. Google Maps

4. Facebook

5. WordPress

6. iPhone platform

7. Google Apps

8. Adobe AIR

9. Hulu

10. TweetDeck

The top 10 was voted on by our readers, based on the following lists of products:

  1. Top 10 Mobile Web Products
  2. Top 10 Consumer Web Apps
  3. Top 10 Semantic Web Products
  4. Top 10 International Web Products
  5. Top 10 RSS & Syndication Technologies
  6. Top 10 Enterprise Products
  7. Top 10 Internet of Things Products
  8. Top 10 Real-Time Technologies
  9. Top 10 Startup Products
  10. Top 10 Web Platforms

Happy holidays to all of our readers and supporters!


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