Windows 7 in a Box

Posted: 02/01/2010 in Tools, Windows, Windows 7
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If you just landed a new computer for the holidays, you’re probably just now getting it set up and getting your hands dirty with Windows 7, and if you’re coming from Windows XP you may find yourself looking high and low for tweaks and customization options that you know are there but can’t find.
Enter Windows 7 in a Box, a free app that bundles many of Windows 7’s most popular configuration options and some additional tweaks into a single interface. Just click on the menu option that corresponds to the type of tweak you’d like to make, find the setting you’d like to change, and click to open the corresponding control panel or app.

Windows 7 in a Box is a free tool that really serves as a quick gateway to some of the most popular configuration options inside the OS. It doesn’t come with its own utilities or control panels; it just points you at existing apps and services already built into Windows 7. The app organizes tools and options into menus you can select depending on the type of tweak you’d like to make.
For example if you’d to tweak Windows 7’s Internet connectivity settings, there’s a menu called “Internet Settings” that will take you to the control panels and tools available to monitor and change your Internet options. The “functions” menu for example, gives you access to features like the Ease of Access Center, the Printer Management Folder, the User Accounts control panel, and more.
Most users will only find Windows 7 in a Box helpful until they get their bearings and learn where the apps and control panels actually live, and tech savvy users likely won’t have a use for the app at all. However, novice users or people who are just getting the hang of Windows 7 and all of its changes over Windows XP, the utility can be a great way to start tweaking a Windows 7 system and making it your own.

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