100+ Seamless Patterns Great for Creating Website Backgrounds

Posted: 07/01/2010 in free stuff, General, How to....
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Seamless patterns are a great way to add interest and detail to a web design background. In this post we’ve rounded up over one hundred seamless patterns. You’ll find a wide variety of styles such as vintage, florals, and stripes. All of these are of very high quality so you can use them as is or use them as a foundation for your own background.

Seamless Tile BirdsNberries

seamless patterns

Patterns .34 (14 patterns)

seamless patterns

Patterns .36 (25 patterns)

seamless patterns


seamless patterns

Floral Patterns (15 patterns)

seamless patterns

Swirls (8 patterns)

seamless patterns

Vivid Red (5 patterns)

seamless patterns

Grungy Teal (5 patterns)

seamless patterns

Floral Vector Pattern

seamless patterns

Different Pattern

seamless patterns

damask wallpaper

seamless patterns

floral wallpaper

seamless patterns

Flock Wallpaper Pattern

seamless patterns

Cherry blossom pattern

seamless patterns

Seamless Damask Pattern

seamless patterns

Textured Stripes (6 patterns)

seamless patterns

ETC Grunge Stripes (12 patterns)

seamless patterns

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The original post is here: webdesignledger.com

If you are web designer you should look at this site as they have tones of stuff you are going to wish you know about earlier.


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