30 Free Fonts Best for Business Logos

Posted: 21/02/2010 in Fonts, free stuff

We all know, it’s very important to choose the right font when working on a logo design. When speaking about business logos, we usually mean logos which are elegant, clean and not too fancy. So what kind of fonts should we be using? What kind of logos will make my logo look best? Instead of answering these questions, check the collection of 30 free business fonts below I put together just for this purpose.


Delicious-SmallCaps free font
LatiniaBlack free font
QuigleyWiggly free font
Aerovias Brasil NF
Aerovias Brasil NF free font
Dollis free font
Celeste Sans Offc Black
Celeste Sans Offc Black free font
Lido STF CE Bold
Lido STF CE Bold free font
NK38pc_D free font
AtlasSolid free font
AunchantedExpandedBoldOblique free font
Oceania Bold
Oceania Bold free font
Palermo-Bold free font
CygnetRound free font
a_JasperCaps Bold
a_JasperCaps Bold free font
Dekers_Bold free font
Yanone Kaffeesatz Bold
Yanone Kaffeesatz Bold free font
MEAN 26 Italic
MEAN 26 Italic free font
Amaze Normal
Amaze Normal free font
LT Oksana Medium
LT Oksana Medium free font
Star Avenue
Star Avenue free font
Ageone free font
Lyon Bold
Lyon Bold free font
Beautiful ES
Beautiful ES free font
Anastasia Regular
Anastasia Regular free font
Curvic free font
Sansation Regular
Sansation Regular free font
ImperatorSmallCaps free font
Easy Street EPS Bold
Easy Street EPS Bold free font
SF Fourche
SF Fourche free font
Brownwood NF
Brownwood NF free font


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