WARNING: Do NOT Open Password Reset Email From Facebook Support. Fake and Contains Virus.

Posted: 18/03/2010 in Cyber Crime, Facebook, Hacking
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There’s an email going round asking Facebook users to reset their password. The email is a fake and contains a virus, do not open or follow any of its instructions.

Facebook is reportedly in the process of letting its users know, but be sure to let anyone you know be aware of the email.

The message says the following:

The message appears to come from Facebook Support with help@facebook.com as the email address.

If you use a web based email client, you shouldn’t be too concerned with the viral part of this but if you download your email, it’s worth virus checking your computer to be safe. The attachment contains a password stealer that can potentially access any username and password combination used on the computer, not just the login credentials for Facebook reports CNet.


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