New Chrome beta takes the speed crown

Posted: 06/05/2010 in Chrome OS

Google released a Chrome 5 beta build this week that brings a significant boost to the browser’s JavaScript performance, improved support for emerging Web standards, and a number of noteworthy enhancements to the browser’s cloud synchronization framework. After running the beta for most of the day, I’m convinced that Chrome is reaching a sweet spot of feature richness and leading performance that will make it a real winner.

Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine benefits from a particularly profound advancement in the new beta. A major optimization effort by the V8 team in Denmark has increased the browser’s JavaScript performance by roughly 30 percent. When we conducted benchmarks to see how it compares to competing browsers, we discovered that it has taken the lead, edging in slightly ahead of the swift Safari nightly builds. The test was conducted with the SunSpider benchmark suite on a quad-core Mac Pro. The new Chrome 5 beta completed the benchmark in 338.4ms, the Safari nightly completed it in 373.4ms, Opera 10.53 came in third place with 389.6ms, and Firefox crawled in last with 741.8ms.

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