30 Best Websites To Download Free Texture

Posted: 18/05/2010 in Downloads, free stuff

In the visual arts, texture is the perceived surface quality of an artwork. It is an element of two-dimensional and three-dimensional design and is broadly distinguished by its perceived visual and physical properties.

Use of texture, along with other elements of design, can convey a variety of messages and emotions. So Free Textures are quite essential for a designer to produce some awesome effects and to present the idea better.

So here are 30 Best Websites To Download Free Textures to make your project more lively.

1) Texture Lover

2) Free photo textures

3) Grunge Textures

4) Free Stock Textures

5) Texturepop

6) Royalty Free Textures

7) Texturama

8 ) 2 Textured

9) urbandirty


10) Lost And Taken

11) 3Dxo

12) 3Dup

13) Textures Library

14) Patternwall

15) Texture king

16) Mayang Texture

17) cgtextures

18) Lugher Texture

19) Textures

20) Texturez

21) Dougturner

22) Texture Warehouse

23) Texture Archive

24) MTextur

25) Free-Textures

26) Photoshop Textures

27) Texturenwelt

28) M3corp

29) Imageabstraction

30) Texture Spot

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