6 free ajax chat applications using PHP

Posted: 05/06/2010 in free stuff
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While talking about chat application, these days people hate those kind application made in PHP which need page refreshing. In this post, I’ll show you six different free Ajax chat applications which might be very useful if you’ve to use Ajax based chat application.

Depending upon the requirement of your chat application, you can use them. I might have missed another good Ajax based chat application, if you find any the please post it to the comments.

Ajax Chat from http://blueimp.net

A powerful Ajax chat application with a lot of features at free of cost. Customize the layout and Use it in your project.

Ajax- IM

It is not a only a chat application, it is a instant messenger that’s why it is named as Ajax-IM. Very useful for implementing in community based websites.


Another great Ajax chat application build in PHP.Very easy to customize and use. You can even create rooms for chatting as well.


Another simple ajax chat application with limited functionality built in PHP.

Ajax chat from Ajax-chat.org

Very simple, lightweight and easy to use another Ajax chat application built in PHP.

Ajax chat from Blogoscopted

Fancy and avatar based ajax chat application built in PHP. As you can see in the above image, it looks like you’re really inside a chat room for chtting.

  1. Ferodynamics says:

    Didn’t work for me.

  2. Zmenki says:

    I’m using phpreechat and it’s realy nice. I have tested it with maximum 20 users and it works without problems.

  3. lakshmania says:

    Good Post Alan..!

    I want to use Ajax IM but when i installed., it showed me

    ” PDO class not found in install.php line 332 Fatal error ” How to fix that..?

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