Tons of Excellent Online Lectures for Educators

Posted: 07/07/2010 in education, Video
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With this collection of videos, you can learn all about teaching, learning, and the policies of schools. Check out our list to find the best online lectures for teachers and other educators.


Get a general look into education with these lectures.

  1. Does College Really Matter?: Andrew Deblanco’s lecture discusses whether college really matters. [Princeton]
  2. The Environment for Higher Education in the Future: Watch this lecture to look into the future of higher education. [UCTV]
  3. Kiran Bir Sethi Teaches Kids to Take Charge: This educator teaches kids that they can be successful. [TED]
  4. Parental Engagement, Prejudice and Personalization: You can find out how parents can be a part of education from this lecture. [RSA]
  5. What Teachers Make: Taylor Mali shares respect for teachers. [TED]
  6. The Global Network University: Check out this lecture about higher education globalization. [UCTV]
  7. Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams: Professor Randy Pausch’s last lecture encourages viewers to achieve childhood dreams. [TED]
  8. Emotional Intelligence: Check out this lecture about emotional intelligence in education. [Princeton]
  9. On Urban Higher Education: See research on urban schools in this lecture. [UCTV]
  10. On a Liberal Education for the 21st Century: This lecture discusses creating a 21st century liberal education. [MIT]
  11. Parents as Part of the K-12 Learning Community: Check out this lecture to find out why parents are an important part of education. [Stanford]
  12. Education: Importance of Peers: Watch Guy Kawasaki’s lecture about the impact of peers on education. [Stanford]
  13. Patrick Awuah on Educating Leaders: Learn about the importance of liberal arts education for true leaders from Patrick Awuah. [TED]
  14. Early Childhood Education: This lecture explains how important early childhood education is. [MIT]

Learning & Teaching Styles

These lectures study and share learning and teaching styles.

  1. Gever Tulley Teaches Life Lessons Through Tinkering: Gever Tulley’s lecture is all about teaching through tinkering. [TED]
  2. How to Make Teaching Come Alive: Walter Lewin lectures on engaging teaching. [MIT]
  3. Statistical Learning Theory: Watch this talk about statistical learning. [MIT]
  4. Relearning Learning: This lecture applies the long tail to learning. [MIT]
  5. Teaching One Child at a Time: Shukla Bose focuses on treating each child as an individual. [TED]
  6. The Torch or the Firehose: Watch this lecture to learn why section teaching is effective. [MIT]
  7. Why Robbie Can’t Learn: Leslie Pack Kaelbling’s lecture is about the difficulty of learning in autonomous agents. [MIT]
  8. The Nature of Constructionist Learning: This lecture discusses using constructionist learning. [MIT]
  9. Blended Learning Revisited: This lecture is about revisiting a sense of wonder and curiosity. [MIT]
  10. Do smaller classes raise achievement?: Read this lecture to learn about smaller classes. [MIT]
  11. Networks for Learning: With this lecture, you’ll find a discussion on learning techniques. [MIT]
  12. Educational Theory and Practice: In this lecture, you’ll get a look into educational theory. [MIT]
  13. Bring on the Learning Revolution!: Ken Robinson lectures on a radical shift from standardized schools to personalized learning. [TED]
  14. Concept-Centered Teaching: This lecture will help you learn about concept-centered teaching. [MIT]
  15. Assessment and Individual Differences: Check out this lecture from Michael Martinez to learn about cognition and learning in educational settings. [University of California]
  16. Sugata Mitra Shows How Kids Teach Themselves: Sugata Mitra’s lecture is all about helping children teach themselves. [TED]
  17. The Power of Cultural Learning: You can learn about cultural learning with this lecture. [RSA]


Watch these lectures to find out how education can be improved.

  1. Focus on Educational Innovation: Watch this panel for a discussion on educational innovation. [MIT]
  2. Michelle Obama’s Plea for Education: Michelle Obama’s lecture makes a case for students to take education seriously. [TED]
  3. The Higher Education Investment Act: Dr. Vartan Gregorian lectures on the investment needed in American public higher education. [UCTV]
  4. Liz Coleman’s Call to Reinvent Liberal Arts Education: Liz Coleman wants a radical reform in higher education. [TED]
  5. Once Upon a School: Dave Eggers wants to be more engaged with local public schools. [TED]
  6. Let’s Raise Kids to Be Entrepreneurs: Cameron Herold thinks that some kids having trouble in school might flourish as entrepreneurs. [TED]
  7. Searching for Utopia in our Universities: Hanna Holborn Gray’s lecture is on the potential future of our universities. [UCTV]

Open & Shared Education

These lectures focus on sharing education openly.

  1. Learning Through Remixing: See how remixing can be used for education. [MIT]
  2. Richard Baraniuk on Open-Source Learning: This professor explains the vision behind an open source online education system. [TED]
  3. Community Discussion on Open Sharing and OpenCourseWare: William Bowen discusses open sharing and OpenCourseWare. [MIT]
  4. Hector Ruiz on Connecting the World: Watch Hector Ruiz’s lecture to see why Internet access is good for education everywhere. [TED]
  5. Education Across Borders: Kapil Sibal’s lecture covers the Indian perspective of sharing education. [MIT]
  6. Negroponte Takes OLPC to Columbia: Nicholas Negroponte shares educational laptops inside former guerilla territory. [TED]
  7. The OpenCourseWare Initiative: Anne Marguiles lectures on a new model for sharing. [MIT]
  8. Ensuring Educational Access: This lecture covers the challenge and opportunity of educational access. [MIT]
  9. Academic Freedom and Responsibility in Hard Times: You can learn about the importance of academic freedom from Gary Rhoades. [Boston College]
  10. Jay Walker on the World’s English Mania: This lecture explains why the world is trying to learn English. [TED]


These lectures support creativity.

  1. Emotion Machine: Commonsense Thinking, Artificial Intelligence, and the Future of the Human Mind: Marvin Minsky discusses the AI movement, and what innovative thinkers are coming up with next to solve everyday problems in life and education. [MIT]
  2. Sowing the Seeds for a More Creative Society: Michel Resnick lectures on how we can create a more creative society. [MIT]
  3. What Adults Can Learn from Kids: Adora Svitak insists that the world needs more childish thinking. [TED]
  4. Ken Robinson Says Schools Kill Creativity: Sir Ken Robinson would like to see an education system that nurtures creativity. [TED]
  5. Tim Brown on Creativity and Play: Tim Brown’s lecture is about the relationship between creative thinking and play. [TED]

Technology & the Future

In these lectures, you’ll see the future and technology of education.

  1. Educational Technology Initiatives in Business: See technology in business education with this lecture. [MIT]
  2. Interactive Videoconferencing: You’ll take a look at videoconferencing for education in this lecture. [UWTV]
  3. Research in Educational Technology: You can learn about what’s happening in educational technology from this lecture. [UWTV]
  4. Rudy Crew on Training, Technology, and Budgets: Rudy Crew’s lecture takes a look at new technology for schools in this lecture. [UWTV]
  5. Opening Doors: Check out this lecture to learn about online mentoring. [UWTV]
  6. The Future of Media in Children’s Education: Check out educational media with the help of this lecture. [Princeton]
  7. Focus on Educational Innovation: These panelists discuss innovation in education. [MIT]
  8. Technologies for Creative Learning: Through this lecture, you will learn about creative learning technologies. [MIT]
  9. Website Development: Learn how to create educational websites with this lecture. [Harvard]
  10. Accessible Information Technology in Education: You should watch this lecture for a look into making educational technology accessible. [UWTV]
  11. Computer Games and Simulations for Investigational Learning: This lecture takes a look at computer games and simulations, and their use in learning. [MIT]
  12. Schools Don’t Want Technology, Schools Want Education: Through this lecture, you’ll see how educational technology can work for schools. [UWTV]
  13. Michael Merzenich on Re-Wiring the Brain: This neuroscientist discusses rewiring the brain. [TED]
  14. Engage Me or Enrage Me: Watch this talk about using video games for education. [Boston College]
  15. Do Schoolchildren and Students Know How to Research?: In this lecture, you’ll take a look at the wisdom of crowds in education. [RSA]
  16. The Future of Media in Children’s Education: Through this lecture, you will learn about using media for children’s education. [Princeton]
  17. Education for the 21st Century: You’ll learn about the challenges in today’s school systems from Linda Darling-Hammond. [Boston College]
  18. The Role of Distance Education: Watch this lecture about using distance education. [MIT]
  19. National Educators’ Summit on Media and Technology: This talk is all about educational media and technology. [Boston College]
  20. Opening Opportunities: This lecture discusses the role of distance education. [MIT]
  21. Learning From Students: In this lecture, you will learn about learning management with the help of Facebook. [UCTV]
  22. Effective Examples of Educational Technology and Priorities for Future Investment: See what’s working in educational technology and what can be used in the future. [MIT]
  23. Use of the Internet and Higher Education: With this lecture, you can learn about the special relationship between higher education and the Internet. [UCTV]
  24. Education Innovation in the Slums: In Charles Leadbeater’s lecture, you will learn about radical new forms of education in the slums. [TED]
  25. Students and Electronic Media: Princeton’s lecture is all about teaching with electronic media. [Princeton]
  26. Globalization and Higher Education: You’ll learn about competition and cooperation in higher education from this lecture. [MIT]
  27. Media, Education, and Technology: Bonnie Bracey shows how media and technology work in education. [MIT]
  28. A University for the Coming Singularity: Ray Kurzweil’s lecture is about Singularity University for studying oncoming technology. [TED]
  29. Educational Uses of Technology: Watch this video to consider the educational uses of technology. [MIT]

School Systems

Get a look into school systems with these lectures.

  1. Ann Cooper Talks School Lunches: Ann Cooper lectures on the coming revolution in the way children eat at school. [TED]
  2. The University We Are For: In this panel, you will get a look into issues crucial to the contemporary university. [UCTV]
  3. Teach Every Child About Food: Jamie Oliver wants to assault our children’s’ ignorance of food. [TED]
  4. Single Sex Education: Debora Spar considers whether single sex education is a challenge or a boon to equality. [UCTV]
  5. Rethinking the Student Experience in the 21st Century Public Research University: You’ll learn about the benefits of a diverse student body from this lecture. [UCTV]

Specific Subjects

These lectures tackle teaching and issues in specific areas of study.

  1. Applied Humanities: Watch this panel lecture for a look into changing Humanities education. [MIT]
  2. Engineering and Earth Systems: In this lecture, you’ll learn about educing a new breed of engineers. [MIT]
  3. Arthur Benjamin Does “Mathemagic”: This lecture shows mathemagician Arthur Benjamin at work. [TED]
  4. Mae Jemison on Teaching Arts and Sciences Together: Mae Jemison asks educators to teach arts and sciences together. [TED]
  5. Human Simulations of Language Learning: In this lecture, you will see how language learning works. [MIT]
  6. Managers Not MBAs: In this lecture, you’ll learn about the merits of business education. [MIT]
  7. Management Education in Emerging Markets: Watch Derek Abell’s lecture to learn about management education. [European School of Management and Technology]
  8. Inspiring and Educating the Next Generation: Check out this lecture about educating the next generation of engineers. [MIT]
  9. Arthur Benjamin’s Formula for changing Math Education: In Arthur Benjamin’s lecture, you’ll see how we can change math education for the better. [TED]
  10. Technology, Policy and Education: This lecture is all about education for leadership in engineering. [MIT]
  11. Organizational Economics and Management Education: Robert Gibbons shares the details of education for organizational economics and management. [MIT]
  12. Educating Engineers for 2020 and Beyond: Watch Charles Vest’s lecture about engineering education for the future. [MIT]
  13. Math Class Needs a Makeover: Dan Meyer insists that we need to change math class for the better. [TED]

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