Top 10 Mac Apps For Web Designers For Free Download

Posted: 19/07/2010 in Apple, Downloads, free stuff
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Today we are providing top mac apps for web designers for free download. Free mac apps for web designers is the favorite topic among the designers. Mac users always wait for freeware.

There are many reasons that Mac rule over Windows because of some great features like fast booting time, easy file sharing, excellent graphics and don’t forget cool Mac applications. I think that Mac OS X is the most advanced operating system out there.

I prefer Mac OS X because of excellent apps which helps me to improve productivity and make any task a lot easier. In this article, I am sharing some freeware Mac apps for those who just purchased a new Mac and don’t know what to install.

1) Image Tricks

2) image commender

This is paid application of mac but this is the best mac apps for web designers. Here is trial version available.

3) osx

4) photostyler

5) gimp

6) hdrtist

7) paparazzi

8 ) inkscape

9) wouldjadraw

10) fotoflexer

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