Turn a Soap Dish into a BlackBerry Cradle

Posted: 29/07/2010 in fun, Hacking, How to...., mobile

The ergonomics of BlackBerrys make them difficult to fit into a stand-up dock or charging cradle, as evidenced by scant appearance in our roundup of nine non-iPhone docks. Modified soap dishes, however, make for a nice fit.

One crafty BlackBerry owner looked at a 99-cent Molger bamboo soap dish and thought its shape and size made for a nice fit with his phone. With a bit of sticky velcro, Hrishikesh modified his desk to keep a charger plug off the ground and keep the nicely wood-matched cradle in place when his phone wasn’t present and charging. The soap dish can, of course, hold phones other than BlackBerry models, but its wide base seems like a very good fit.


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