Flipping Marvelous: Windows 7

Posted: 02/08/2010 in Geek Stuff, How to...., Windows 7
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If you like or need to have a lot of windows open on your desktop you can easily navigate
through these windows using Windows Flip 3D. It helps you to easily organize your open
windows and programs to locate the one you need. This is one of the options of
Microsoft’s Aero interface. Flip 3D was introduced first in Windows Vista and is a
replacement for the Alt+Tab way of cycling through all open files and applications.

Some people argue that Flip 3D is actually a slower method than the old version of
Alt+Tabbing your way through the open windows. A lot of this comes down to personal
preference and the hardware that you are running. Just because you meet the hardware
specifications enough to be able to enable Windows Aero does not mean that you are
running the Aero experience the way that the developers intended.

Note* To be able to use Windows Flip 3D you must have Aero enabled.

1. Press Ctrl+Windows logo key +Tab. This will move the windows into a 3D stack as
shown above.

2. Press Tab to move through the windows. Pressing the Right Arrow or Down Arrow
will advance one window, or press Left Arrow or Up Arrow to go back one window.

3. Clicking on a window in the stack will display that particular window, or click
outside the stack to close Windows Flip 3D without switching windows. Rotating the
wheel of your mouse will cycle the open windows quickly.

An alternative way to cycle through the open windows is to press the Windows logo

Switching windows using Flip 3D
Adding a Windows Flip 3D Shortcut to your Desktop

1.) Right click on any empty area of the desktop and then click on New and Shortcut.

2.) Type

C:\Windows\system32\rundll32.exe DwmApi #105

into the location field then click on the Next button.

3.) Type

Flipping Windows

for the name, and click on the Finish button. At this point you can name this shortcut anything you would like that
identifies the Flip 3D program for you.

4.) Right click on the new Flipping Windows shortcut on the Desktop and click on Properties.

5.) Click on the Change Icon button. Make sure that this on the shortcut tab. The tabs are located at the top of the
small window you opened.

6.) In the line under Look for icons in this file, type


and press Enter.

7.) Select the Windows Flip 3D icon or any other icon that you would like to designate for this operation and click on

8.) Click on OK.

9.) Move the shortcut to where you like to keep it.


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