15 Places To Download Free Stock Photos

Posted: 05/08/2010 in Downloads, free stuff, Photo
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You can easily get a quality and beautiful wallpaper for your desktop or simply an illustration for your blog. Contains over 350,000 quality stock photos.


Free stock nature photography.


This site is a community for travel photographers.


This is a huge resource of over3 million photos! Every Stock is a search engine for free photos, and it searches many of the sites listed here. Search options allow you to specify license type. Highly recommended.


This site provides tons of high quality and high resolution free stock photos. If you are looking for some high resolution textures, you can also visit this site.


The photos on Imagebase are free to use, and are licensed under a Creative Commons license. Images are available in high resolution.


Stockvault is a very classy, modern site with thousands of images and some Photoshop tutorials. Membership is free.


Morguefile is a completely free source for stock photos.

Kave Wall

All the photos are free to use.


Openphoto is a site of free photos by categories, and offers a search function as well.


You can get 2,000 free stock photos from 10 categories.


Photo Rack has a huge collection of over 27,000 images, nicely categorized.


Geek Philosopher has many categories, and all the photos are free.


Unprofound is unusual in that photos are grouped by color, rather than category. There is also a search function. Registration is not necessary.

Free Historical Stock Photos

Historical Stock Photos offer historical related photos for Emails and Personal Websites. If you need any historical photos, this is a great site for you.


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