How To Rip DVDs to Play on Any Device—For Free!

Posted: 17/08/2010 in How to...., Ripping DVD
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There are a nearly infinite number of reasons to rip your DVD collection to more compressed, more compatible formats. Whether you want to use your Apple TV or Xbox 360 as a video jukebox with nigh-instant access to all your favorite flicks, protect your precious discs from the peanut buttery hands of your toddlers, or you just want to watch Pee Wee’s Big Adventure on your iPhone, ripping DVDs is easy and takes about a half hour—assuming you have a relatively modern computer with a multi-core CPU. Want to know more? We’ll show you exactly how to rip DVDs for playback on all your devices—Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, iPhone, iPod, Zune, laptop, netbook, and PSP—the fast and easy way.


The big benefit to ripping your DVDs is that you can shrink the 4-8GB MPEG2 videos on your DVDs to much more compressed file without reducing the quality noticeably. The secret is the H.264 video codec, alternately called MPEG-4 Part 10 or simply AVC. H.264 can compress DVD-resolution video with no reduction in quality at less than half the bitrate of MPEG2. The upshot is that the video that takes up 7GB on your DVD will take 1GB-2GB or less on your iPhone or on your streaming server.

It’s worth mentioning that bypassing the copy protection mechanisms that are present on most DVDs is illegal in the US under the DMCA, but there are questions about the legality of the no breaking copy protection portion of the law, and there’s been no legal challenge to that portion of the law. The upshot to a normal person who just wants to rip discs for personal use it that it’s very unlikely that you’ll be caught and prosecuted for ripping discs, unless you do something dumb, like post your ripped videos on the Internet. As long as you don’t distribute the ripped movies, everything should be cool.

If want to find out how to do this and what you need click on the link below.

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