Just Say No: Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Apple?

Posted: 07/09/2010 in Apple, Windows
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I received numerous emails about my iTunes 10 review, which is exceedingly negative and, in my opinion, deservedly so. Fortunately, most of the feedback I received indicates that readers are fed up with iTunes as well, and amusingly, a few of the emails I got noted that it was just as bad on the Mac, tossing cold water on my fanciful conspiracy theory. So iTunes is junk. But what are you going to do?

This is a question I’ve pondered for years, but with iTunes 10 throwing down the stink so egregiously, I’m actually starting to think that the time has come for an anti-iTunes movement. The problem is, there’s no single obvious solution.

There are various third party tools that let you sync some content with some iPods via Windows Media Player. The one I sort-of recommended in the past is Mediafour XPlay 3, but it doesn’t work with the most desirable, modern i-devices like the iPhone and the iPod touch. And a reader recommended a weird little tool called MGTEK dopisp, but it only syncs music. Neither of these fills the need, in my opinion.

But even if they did, it’s unlikely that you’d be able to ignore iTunes if you’re still using an iPhone, an iPod touch, and/or an iPad. There’s just too much content on iTunes, including music, movies, TV shows, apps, podcasts, audiobooks, and iTunes U audio and video recordings. There’s no point in using an Apple device if you’re not going to take advantage of the store. And while it’s possible to access some of that content via the devices, you can’t ignore iTunes on the PC/Mac completely.

Read more at winsupersite.com

Paul Thurrott also presents a superb podcast called Windows Weekly with Leo Laporte on the TWIT network, check it out.

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