10 Of The Best Websites For Free Vector Art

Posted: 11/09/2010 in Images, Photo, Photoshop
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There are times when working with vector images is what’s called for. Of course, there are also times (like photography) when you have to go with raster images. Vector images can be blown up to any size without loss of quality. Raster (or Bitmap) images become jagged when made larger.

There are some mediums like Flash animation, print ads, clipart, and logo art which lend itself to the vector graphic format for its elastic nature. It is also very easy to convert from vector to raster formats, but the same ease doesn’t hold true vice-versa.

From vector illustrations to 3D drawings, vector images find a lot of creative uses.
But creating detailed vector images takes patience and skill. You might be creating something as simple as an icon, or as cool as a T-shirt design. Having a stock of readymade vector images is a shortcut. If you are a designing greenhorn or an old hand, check out these ten resources for some inspiration and free vector art downloads.


Vector Madness



All Silhouettes

Vector Portal

Brands of The World

I Heart Vector

Deviant Art

Cool Vectors


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