Trojan Blackmails PC Owners

Posted: 15/09/2010 in Cyber Crime
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So you thought it was just you and your laptop who knew about your profound interest in the porn entertainment and all illegal downloads carried out on your system? May be yes, but if the big mouthed “Kenzero” finds it all, the secret will soon be revealed out to the world.

Kenzero is a new Japanese Trojan that has lately been harassing its targets,threatening them to publish their browser history and demanding them cash to seal its lips. The trojan virus that installs itself on computers uses a popular file-share service called Winny, that has up to 200m users. the prime targets are those downloading illegal copies of games in the Hentai genre, an explicit form of anime.

Masquerading as a game installation screen, it requests the PC owner’s personal details and then attempts to wrest money from them. It demands a credit card payment of 1500 yen (£10) to “settle your violation of copyright law” and remove the webpage. Those falling for it have not only had their browser history, favorites, illegally-downloaded porn, and clipboard content posted to a public Website but have also lost their credit card information, that these hackers sell to the highest bidders.

Around 5500 people have already admitted to being infected.

With the illegitimate downloads still forming a major portion of the media consumption, it does give hackers the perfect opportunity to pounce on and churn out some profits over other’s mistakes.



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