iPhone Costume?

Posted: 31/10/2010 in iPhone
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John Savio and his gang including Reko Rivera and Bobby hartman have built iPhone costumes for the past two years. They as you can probably guess built the 3G and 3GS. This each played an endless loop of normal usage of the iPhone. This year John wanted to take things even further. He worked for 40 hours over a three day period and built a fully functional iPhone 4. This one uses a 40inch LCD panel strapped to a sandwich board. A Jailbroken iPhone 4 powers the device. Although the battery life is not as good. It is powered by  a mini 12 volt battery lasting only 2 hours. It weighs at 75 pounds. But all you can see is the fun and excitement, this boy may not be as happy as he seems. I mean the costume gets warm and uncomfortable after a while. Hopefully next year he’ll come up with an iPhone costume without the iPhone.


If anyone else sees people dressed up as iPhones this Halloween send in pictures to us and we will post these crazy peoples pictures on the site.


Happy Halloween










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