Make a Fake Virus to Test Your Anti Virus

Posted: 07/02/2011 in antivirus, fun, Geek Stuff, Hacking, How to....
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There is nothing like a good prank and a bit of a laugh where no one gets hurt and this can be used for that or it can be used to make sure you Anti Virus program is working.



Open up a Notepad window, paste in the following text, and then save it.


It should look exactly like this once you’ve pasted it…

And then you’ll almost instantly see a big fat warning that you’ve created a virus—as long as you’ve got anti-virus installed and working, of course. If you don’t see any warning, you should probably make sure your virus scanning software is properly enabled.

Now you know everything is working just fine……

  1. RawrB3 says:

    THANK U!!!!
    i could have sworn that i had anti-virus installed but apparently not -_-

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