Irish Teen Hacker Scares Microsoft Enough to Land Him a Job

Posted: 28/05/2011 in Cyber Crime, Hacking, In The News, Microsoft
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What’s the best way to land a programmer’s job at Microsoft? Well, there’s the standard method of going to school for computer science, succeeding admirably, creating programs of your own and then applying and hoping you get the nod.

Then there’s the slightly less orthodox method employed occasionally by young and ambitious hackers.

In this case, a 14-year-old Irish hacker managed to break into the online servers for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 last month and start a phishing scam that tried to get other players to divulge personal information.

The hack came right in the middle of the crippling hack attack that took down the entire Playstation Network, and it scared Microsoft enough to issue worldwide alter for the scam.

So now that the perpetrator has been outed as a 14-year-old geek living with his parents, what’s Microsoft’s response?

Irish Central reports:

[Managing Director of Microsoft Ireland Paul] Rellis revealed that Microsoft planned to work with the Dublin teenager to develop his talent for legitimate purposes.

So let that be a lesson, hackers. If you start young enough and hack with enough skill, you can trade “being sued in court” for “getting a sweet job.”

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