45 Mile Wi-Fi Range is Now Possible

Posted: 05/07/2011 in All Teched UP!, Geek Stuff
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On-Ramp Wireless has invented a new way to transmit Wi-Fi which does not just entail using more power to strengthen the signal, but less (which is one reason why this news is on this website).

Wi-Fi signals become more and more distorted as they propagate through the air, and of course, after a while it becomes too distorted to be usable after 1/20 of a mile due to noise. This basically limits the range to the interior of buildings and this also limits the potential uses of Wi-Fi to applications within buildings as well. Imagine if you could connect wirelessly and even cheaply to someone 45 miles away without using the internet? How about while using less energy? You could also eliminate all of the network cables in the largest buildings cheaply and efficiently.

The transmitter in the image at the top of this page can do all of that.

This transmitter achieves that by utilizing an algorithm that transmits it at the same frequency, but in such a way that it is more resistant to noise so it can propagate through the noisy environment over a 45 mile distance.

Another energy related advantage of this is that it could facilitate fewer smart grid access points due to the fact that traditional access points don’t transmit nearly as far, so more are needed so that more access points are closer to buildings with smart meters.

The smart grid concept involves utilizing computer and network technology to enable power plant operators and residents to more effectively match the power production of power plants with power demand to reduce the imbalance of day and night time power consumption.

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Source and more details: Technology Review.


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