Android Phone Apps Could Be Hiding Malware

Posted: 10/11/2011 in Android, antivirus, Cyber Crime
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Mobile phone apps downloaded from Android’s official store could contain malware that steals sensitive information and banking passwords, a report has claimed.

Anti-virus firm Kaspersky said that the number of attempts by hackers and malicious mobile phone programs to steal data from Android phones spiked by 34 per cent last month.

Once inside a handset, criminals need only seconds to drain entire bank accounts using stolen TAN codes (transaction authentication codes) sent by the banks to the phones for follow-up verification.

In October, Kaspersky records showed that for mobile threats, “Android leads the way” with 46.9 per cent of mobile threats by platform.

“An example of a malicious app distributed through the official store is Trojan-Spy.AndroidOS.Antammi.b,” said Kaspersky in a statement to Gulf News.

“Like traditional desktop malware, Antammi.b steals almost everything: contacts, texts, GPS coordinates and even photos. The activity log is then sent to the criminal behind the scam via a simple e-mail message, and the data is uploaded to a server.”

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