Aussie ISPs Propose Anti-FileSharing Warning Notice Scheme

Posted: 27/11/2011 in Cyber Crime, In The News, P2P
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Five of Australia’s largest ISPs have today put forward a detailed proposal to deal with the issue of illicit file-sharing. The paper proposes the implementation of a warning letter process, but unlike the 3 strikes-style regime in neighboring New Zealand, would not include an Internet disconnection sanction. Instead, rightsholders would head back to the legal system to punish persistent infringers.

In common with many other countries around the world, in recent years Australia has struggled with the issue of unlawful file-sharing. The messy and still-unfinished legal battle between AFACT and ISP iiNet has further highlighted the rift between rightsholders, the Internet industry and its subscribers, and their often conflicting needs.

But now a joint proposal from the Communications Alliance and ISPs including Telstra Bigpond, iiNet, Optus, iPrimus and Internode, with collaboration from telecoms company AAPT, Ericsson Australia and the Internet Industry Association (IIA), lays out what the contributing parties believe is a workable middle-ground.

The 14-page proposal, titled ‘A Scheme to Address Online Copyright Infringement’, puts forth the framework for a “Notice Scheme” which aims to educate Internet subscribers when their connections are flagged as engaging in copyright infringement.

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