Test Your AntiVirus Software Is Working

Posted: 31/05/2012 in antivirus, education, free stuff, Geek Stuff, How to....
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Caintech.co.uk received an email this week from a user that was worried that his Anti Virus software wasn’t working and if it was how can he test it. Well have no fear here is how to test that everything is working.

Traditional antivirus software detects viruses and other malware via signature definitions. EICAR is a non-viral string of code that most antivirus software has in their signature definition files.

EICAR allows users to check whether their antivirus software is running. For example, if you try to open EICAR.COM, if your realtime protection feature is enabled the antivirus software should generate an alert. You can also manually scan EICAR to test your on-demand scanner.

An EICAR test file can be easily created using any text editor, i.e. Notepad. To create an EICAR test file, copy and paste the following line into a blank Notepad file:


Save the file as EICAR.txt. It is now ready for testing. In fact, if your active protection was working properly, the simple act of saving the file should have triggered an alert.

So if everything is working fine you will receive an alert like below

Now if you don’t receive an alert you might want to uninstall your current AV and try another one.

Here is a list of the top rated FREE anti virus software

One of the best security sites I have had the pleasure of read is selectrealsecurity.com and I would advise everyone to have a read.

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