Hacked Email Accounts Unleash Waves of Weight Loss Spam

Posted: 11/07/2012 in All Teched UP!, antivirus, Cyber Crime, email, Geek Stuff, Hacking

So reading some of my favorite sites this morning I came across this little beauty and felt I needed to share. This post is from a website called Naked Security which is part of the Sophos company that produce an excellent Anti Virus tool called Sophos Endpoint Protection.

Weight loss spam? Seen it. Spam from hacked email accounts? Seen it. Redirects hosted on legitimate web sites? Seen it. Nothing new here then, move along.

If all this is such old hat why have we seen such a flurry of activity from these spam campaigns in recent weeks?

Just yesterday, I received a couple of spam messages sent to my personal email address from a friend. The messages were somewhat sparse, with no subject line and only a single URL within the message body.

Immediately I knew there would be plenty more. I happen to be on several mailing lists with the same individual. Sure enough, spam messages started coming through that list.

The link in the message body points to a page hosted on a legitimate website that has been compromised. This page displays a “You are here because one of your friends…” message to the user. This message is becoming rather familiar now, having been used in these campaigns for several months.

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