British MI6 Replaces al-Qaeda Bomb Recipe with Cupcakes

Posted: 28/01/2013 in Cyber Crime, Geek Stuff, Hacking, In The News
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British MI6 intelligence officers hacked into the Islamic extremist website and magazine, Inspire, and replaced bomb-making instructions with a recipe on how to make cupcakes, media reports said on Friday.

The incident marks the first time that foreign agents were able to breach and alter the website, which is reported to be linked with al-Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).

The magazine’s original page entitled “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of Your Mom,” was corrupted, reported The Associated Press.

“We’re increasingly using cybertools as part of our work,” a U.K. foreign official told AP.

When a user attempts to download the PDF of the quarterly magazine page on how to make the bomb, they are redirected to scrambled computer code, reported The Daily Telegraph.

The code was placed into the 67-page magazine by the British intelligence officers and was actually a recipe for “The Best Cupcakes in America,” initially published on Ellen DeGeneres’s show, according to the newspaper. It also included a recipe for a Mojito Cupcake.

Just thought you might find this as funny as I did.


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