Kickass Torrent Is Down Here Comes The New Kings Of Torrent

Posted: 25/08/2016 in Geek Stuff, Torrent
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KickassTorrent went down, The Pirate Bay and Extra Torrent were the Kings of the Piracy World, However, the recent developments have resulted in the seizure of KickassTorrents’ primary domains and the arrest of its 30-year-old founder.

Before Kickass Torrent went Down, it was the world’s biggest torrent site with more than 50 Million unique visitors and 69 worldwide Alexa rank. When the Kickass Torrent went down this news was breaking the internet, After the seized of Kickass Torrent domains, we have seen the advent of multiple KickassTorrents mirrors and a new community formed by its original staffers, the original pirate website is nowhere to be seen.

Now the torrent users have now started looking for the best KickassTorrents alternatives. Talking about such website, The Pirate Bay looks like the biggest alternative.

It’s interesting to note that The Pirate Bay faced a similar experience back in 2014 when it went offline for a month. Then, TPB users flocked to KAT.

Expressing the support, a TBP staffer told TF:

“When both TPB and its forum went down, we had overwhelming support from KAT users on their forum, and our staff were able to keep the communities updated on important news and announcements.”
The Pirate Bay hopes that Kickass Torrent will be back and its loyal users and the loyal community will be there to support Kickass Torrent and will help to make it work again.

Now here it’s come the second largest Kickass Torrent alternative, Extra Torrent is one of the biggest torrent website in the world.

Just like Kickass Torrent, Extra Torrent has very good community and a really big range of torrents. ET is becoming the second big choice for users, After went down ET’s signup getting boost up with 200% and traffic increased by 300%.

“So far we got 200% signup, and 300% traffic increase at ExtraTorrent,” said SaM, the operator of ET. It is sad to see an iconic site go this way, and it shows how the torrent community is targeted by all means. But, I guess torrenting will prevail and this doesn’t mean the death or end of this era.”

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