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Do you just login to YouTube to search for and watch your favourite videos? Or maybe upload a new video and share it with your friends? YouTube can do more than just that. It has included some new features – some of them currently in the experimental stage – that can make your YouTube experience more exciting and certainly more fun. Here’s a sneak peek of the less-known exciting features of YouTube, available for free, brought together in a place they call the “TestTube”

YouTube Leanback: You guessed it right. With this feature, you can “lean back” on your couch and end enjoy YouTube just like TV. What’s more, it even comes with an Android app that converts your phone into a remote control so that you get effortless viewing experience just like in your living room. The Leanback feature divides the YouTube videos into various categories. So you just need to pick your interests and then just sit back and enjoy. The interests are available over a wide range – comedy, entertainment, news and more. It also includes a personal feed section based on your preferences and settings.

Relax and enjoy YouTube Leanback!

Video Editor: YouTube has also got an online movie maker like video editor in which users get to edit their own uploaded videos. The features of the Video editor include video joining, video trimming, introducing video transitions and much more.

Edit your videos using the Video Editor.

Caption Editor: Make your YouTube videos more popular by adding closed captions to it on CaptionTube. CaptionTube provides an interactive interface and improved precision with a scalable timeline that lets you insert and edit captions more accurately. CaptionTube can also help you make subtitles for your videos.

Insert Captions to your videos on CaptionTube.

HTML5 Video Player: This feature uses the HTML 5 video player instead of the usual Adobe Flash Player for playing YouTube videos. So if you have a browser that supports HTML5, you can watch YouTube videos even if you don’t have the Flash Player.

Try out the HTML5 Player now!

YouTube Music Discovery: Some of us just tune into YouTube just to listen to music from various artists. YouTube Music Discovery is meant just for them. Just put a song, an artist or an album in the search box and YouTube creates a Playlist just for you. Enjoy your favorite music and discover new songs with YouTube Music Discovery.

Discover New Music!

Feather: The Feather project aims to provide YouTube video watch pages at the lowest possible latency by limiting some of the features available to the viewer and using some advanced web techniques to reduce the amount number of bytes downloaded. This feature is mainly for the people with slow internet connectivity or with limited data plans. However, this feature is in beta and may not work for all videos.

Try out Feather Beta.

The TestTube section is currently still experimental under the Google Research Team and they are urging more users for feedback. On the other hand, these experimental features are more likely to attract new viewers and popularise more user generated videos.


HTML5 is giving web designers and developers new capabilities that were things of fantasy with previous versions of HTML. Web pages will now be more semantic with the use of structure specific tags. Visual elements like rounded corners are now built in, and so is the ability to create drag and drop interactivity. Even though HTML5 is not fully supported in major browsers, there are those that are pushing forward and experimenting with its new features. In an effort to encourage you to do the same and to prepare you for the future, we’ve rounded up 15 useful HTML5 tutorials and cheat sheets.


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YouTube just announced that it will begin supporting HTML5 video players this evening across many of the videos on the site. The feature isn’t live yet but is expected to be within the next hour or two. If this test goes live site-wide, it will be a good thing for the web.

An HTML5 video player will allow videos to be viewed without Adobe’s Flashplayer plug-in, videos will load faster and developers will be able to build all kinds of other intriguing features into a media delivery scheme based on the next version of HTML
For now users will need to sign-up the HTML5 preview on Test Tube and they’ll need to be using either Chrome, Safari or the Chrome frame in IE.

The biggest benefit of HTML5 support is that it frees users from the need to use proprietary plug-ins like Flash player or Microsoft’s Silverlight by using a simple bit of code to render video.  If you’ve used Google’s Chrome much, you’ve probably seen how often Flash player crashes in that browser. Firefox doesn’t deal with Flash well, either.

HTML5 is being edited by Ian Hickson of Google and David Hyatt of Apple. Expect to see Google and Apple support this new standard all the more in the future so that those companies and others can build a web that looks more like Gmail on an iPhone than it does like a Flash landing page from the last decade.

You can read the official YouTube statement on their blog:

Introducing YouTube HTML5 Supported Videos