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  1. Alec Jones says:

    I have just bought a Flytouch III 10.2″ with Android 2.2 Trying to get apps to download and install is maddening. I simply don’t understand how to convert .exe files for Navigon Fresh to .apk’s because although they have Navigon for Andoid the Fresh (updater) doesn’t have a downloadable .apk and if I go for the PC version it won’t download and I cannot USB the touchpad to my PC (don’t know how…what cables to use).

    So I’ve decided to try to learn programming (I know it’ll take time) in Java to make my own apps ..If I stick at it long enough…….I might succeed and I wanted a change of professional scenery anyway.

    I used to run a computer college in the early 80’s (DOS, Fortran, BASIC, COBOL and all that stuff) so I’m not dumb 🙂

    Any advise you can give I’d really appreciate. First the basic stuff about the touchpad if you can and then gimme the goods on the programming if you wouldn’t mind. Thank you. I’ve tried to get stuff from forums but no one replies…they all have conversations going and I cannot get a single reply

    Alec Jones

    • Alan Cain says:

      Hi Alec,
      So first off, you can’t convert .exe files to .apk files. An APK file is an archive that usually contains a META-INF file and a res file some times it will contain an AndroidManifest.xml, classes.dex and resources.arsc.
      An .apk(Android Package) file can be opened using common archive tools such as 7-Zip, WinZip, WinRAR.

      So you fancy learning Java do you, well try
      Here you can learn how to create Graphical User Interfaces and the bare basics. Also have a look at this is for basic Getting Started guides ect.

      Keep us informed on your progress and good luck

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