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Free hacking ebooks where you can download from the links below.

  1. Black Belt Hacking & Complete Hacking Book
  2. Hackers High School 13 Complete Hacking E-books
  3. Penentration Testing With Backtrack 5
  4. A Beginners Guide To Hacking Computer Systems
  5. Black Book of Viruses and Hacking
  6. Secrets of Super and Professional Hackers
  7. Dangerours Google Hacking Database and Attacks
  8. Internet Advanced Denial of Service (DDOS) Attack
  9. Computer Hacking & Malware Attacks for Dummies
  10. G-mail Advance Hacking Guides and Tutorials
  11. Vulnerability Exploit & website Hacking for Dummies
  12. Web App Hacking (Hackers Handbook)
  13. Security Crypting Networks and Hacking
  14. Botnets The Killer Web Applications Hacking
  15. Hacking attacks and Examples Test
  16. Network Hacking and Shadows Hacking Attacks
  17. Gray Hat Hacking and Complete Guide to Hacking
  18. Advance Hacking Exposed Tutorials
  19. 501 Website Hacking Secrets
  20. Internet Security Technology and Hacking
  21. CEH Certified Ethical Hacker Study Guide
  22. Advanced SQL Injection Hacking and Guide
  23. Web Hacking & Penetration testing
  24. OWASP Hacking Tutorials and Web App Protection
  25. CEH – Hacking Database Secrets and Exploit
  26. Ethical Hacking Value and Penetration testing
  27. Hack any Website, Complete Web App Hacking
  28. Beginners Hackers and tutorials 
  29. Ethical Hacking Complete E-book for Beginners
  30. Backtrack : Advance Hacking tutorials
  31. SQL Injection attacks and tutorials by Exploit DB
  32. XSS + Vulnerability Exploitation & Website Hacking
  33. Ultimate Guide to Social Enginnering attacks
  34. White Hat Hacking complete guide to XSS Attacks 
  35. Cross Site Scripting and Hacking Websites 
  36. The Hackers Underground Handbook ( hack the system)
  37. Blind SQL Injection tutorials and Hacking
  38. Hacking Secrets Revealed
  39. Hacking Website Database and owning systems
  40. Reverse Engineering for Beginners 
  41. Reverse Enginnering (The Real Hacking)
  42. Computer Hacking
  43. Hack your Friend using Backtrack
  44. Reverse Enginnering Hacking and Cracking
  45. Hack the System for beginners
  46. Hacking into Computer Systems
  47. Blind SQL Injection Discovery & Exploitation
  48. CEH v8

Note : These best hacking e-books are only for the ethical knowledge purpose and must not be used for illegal purposes.

tv Snort

Snort is an open source network intrusion prevention system, capable of performing real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on IP networks. It can perform protocol analysis, content searching/matching and can be used to detect a variety of attacks and probes, such as buffer overflows, stealth port scans, CGI attacks, SMB probes, OS fingerprinting attempts, and much more.

Official Release Note of Snort 2.9.1:- 

  • Protocol aware reassembly support for HTTP and DCE/RPC pre-processors. Updates to Stream5 allowing Snort to more intelligently inspect HTTP and DCE/RPC requests and responses. See README.stream5 subsection related to Protocol Aware Flushing (PAF).
  • SIP pre-processor to identify SIP call channels and provide rule access via new rule option keywords. Also includes new pre-processor rules for anomalies in the SIP communications. See the Snort Manual and README.sip for details.
  • POP3 & IMAP pre-processors to decode email attachments in Base64, Quoted Printable, and uuencode formats, and updates to SMTP pre-processor for decoding email attachments encoded as Quoted Printable and uuencode formats. See the Snort Manual, README.pop, README.imap, and README.SMTP for details.
  • Support for reading large pcap files.
  • Logging of HTTP URL (host and filename), SMTP attachment filenames and email recipients to unified2 when Snort generates events on related traffic.
  • IP Reputation pre-processor, allowing Snort to blacklist or whitelist packets based on their IP addresses. This pre-processor is still in an experimental state, so please report any issues to the Snort team. See README. Reputation for more information.

To download Snort Click Here

So we have all been there, trying to create an Excel document and you just can’t think of a formula that will work. Well whether you are an Excel guru or just someone that wants to learn more, below it a cheatsheet to end all cheatsheets.

Excel The Ultimate Excel Cheatsheet.pdf

You’ll find everything from ‘Essential shortcuts’ to ‘Conversion formulas’, you will find examples and explanations for hundreds of formulas. So give it a go.

Ubuntu version 11.04 is out now and it has new features which makes it easier to use. The new version was released on Thursday and its unofficial name is ‘Natty Narwhal’. There is a new unity interface added and the most noticeable change here is located on the screen’s left side. It is quite similar to the taskbar of Windows 7 and you can drag and drop the icons to and from it. The apps can also be launched easily and quickly.

Unity interface was made originally for the smaller Netbook screens and it gives you easier file management. It also has new dashboard for easier access to the files and applications and Workspaces which make managing multiple windows easier. There’s always the Classic interface of Ubuntu if you don’t like these new elements.

You will be able to connect iPhone to Ubuntu for navigating the file system but there is no support for Android phones here. It is said that the new version also works well with Ubuntu One, a cloud based service. You can sync your files and preferences in cloud.

So do you miss something on migration to Ubuntu? For us, we don’t use it all the time because there isn’t any speech recognition software here like the Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Apart from that, there isn’t any program of easy text completion which can fill a big amount of the boilerplate text by few hotkeys. If someone would create such apps for Ubuntu, we’d definitely be interested.

The positives of Ubuntu include an OS that is free from any worms and virus. Also it is an open-source OS so you don’t have to pay anything for it. Ubuntu has one compelling aspect, its customizability. Compiz is one of our favorite tools for graphical customization and it is enabled with wild graphical transitions between the window and application movements. The best effects are the virtual 3D desktops and windows that’ll wobble and bend when you shake them.

One cool Ubuntu characteristic is that you can download the 698 image, then burn it to a disc and then run it from the CD itself without installing it on your machine. It is a great way for trying out this Linux based OS (operating system) that is getting pretty refined and it is almost as easy to use as PC or Mac.

You can download the latest Ubuntu version from here


You can easily get a quality and beautiful wallpaper for your desktop or simply an illustration for your blog. Contains over 350,000 quality stock photos.


Free stock nature photography.


This site is a community for travel photographers.


This is a huge resource of over3 million photos! Every Stock is a search engine for free photos, and it searches many of the sites listed here. Search options allow you to specify license type. Highly recommended.


This site provides tons of high quality and high resolution free stock photos. If you are looking for some high resolution textures, you can also visit this site.


The photos on Imagebase are free to use, and are licensed under a Creative Commons license. Images are available in high resolution.


Stockvault is a very classy, modern site with thousands of images and some Photoshop tutorials. Membership is free.


Morguefile is a completely free source for stock photos.

Kave Wall

All the photos are free to use.


Openphoto is a site of free photos by categories, and offers a search function as well.


You can get 2,000 free stock photos from 10 categories.


Photo Rack has a huge collection of over 27,000 images, nicely categorized.


Geek Philosopher has many categories, and all the photos are free.


Unprofound is unusual in that photos are grouped by color, rather than category. There is also a search function. Registration is not necessary.

Free Historical Stock Photos

Historical Stock Photos offer historical related photos for Emails and Personal Websites. If you need any historical photos, this is a great site for you.

Today I’m gonna show you some tricks to easily avoid loss of time downloading fakes from eMule… So, how many times did you get bored realizing that the thing you have just downloaded isn’t the thing you wanted but a stupid porn? Well, from today on, this won’t happen anymore!

To begin, let’s start eMule and get connected… After that just go to the search box and make a query to find what you want. Wait untill the process is done and then click on the tab “Availability (sources)” to index the results from the maximum to the minium.
At this time what you have is a list of results indexed by popularity… This mean that on top, there are those files with more chances to be what you are searching for…!
How to avoid fakes from eMuleSo, starting from the first just take a look on some details like the extension and the size… For example, if you are looking for a song than it should be .mp3/.wav (or whatever) and weight about 5mb, if you are searching for a dvd then it should be .iso and weight like 4,5gb.

Once choosed the proper file, start the download and click on “Transfer” tab. While processing the file, right click on it and select “Details”… A box with the tabs “Name” and “Comments” will appear.

How to avoid fakes from eMuleSelect the “Name” tab and take a look at that list: if just one title isn’t pertaining to what you were searching for (like “PORN XXX JESSICA” ecc.) then stop the download and try another one. If you were lucky and all names are nearly the same then jump to the comments tab: maybe that someone has written something about the file like “THIS IS NOT A FAKE” or “THIS IS THE RIGHT ONE” or whatever… That’s really helpful!

It may appear complicated but believe me, it’s just much easier to do then to explain!!!

That’s all…!

An E-Book so called as a digitally transformed book where simple text converted into e-text that built the digital media similar of our common printed book. An E-Book, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary of English, is “an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a personal computer or hand-held device designed specifically for this purpose”.

Free EBooks nowadays are in high demand as people like to read on there laptops, palm tops and iPad etc. We all know that reading is the best way to gain a particular knowledge from a source. This practice makes books convert into digital media equivalent which we call Ebooks. So what do you think if you’re able to download free ebooks and take with yourself any place you want.

For that only reason, we have again looked deep into the Internet to find best websites to download free e-books































Diesel E-book Store


The Online Books Page






The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent, ‘The Bounty Hunter’ tops the chart this week followed by ‘Shutter Island’. ‘Cop Out’ completes the top three.

This week there are three newcomers in the top 10 including Avatar which returned after the release of the DVD rip. The Bounty Hunter is the most downloaded movie on BitTorrent this week.

The data for our weekly download chart is collected by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. All the movies in the list are DVDrips unless stated otherwise.

RSS feed for the weekly movie download chart.

Week ending April 11, 2010
Ranking (last week) Movie Rating / Trailer
1 (…) The Bounty Hunter (R5) 5.0 / trailer
2 (1) Shutter Island (R5) 8.1 / trailer
3 (…) Cop Out (R6) 6.1 / trailer
4 (3) How to Train Your Dragon (TS) 8.3 / trailer
5 (2) Alice In Wonderland (TS) 7.0 / trailer
6 (4) Sherlock Holmes (DVDscr) 7.7 / trailer
7 (…) Avatar 8.5 / trailer
8 (6) From Paris With Love (R5) 6.6 / trailer
9 (9) Ninja Assassin 6.6 / trailer
10 (5) New Moon 4.6 / trailer

Are you looking for the best places online where to find free ebooks? Take a look at the following resources that allow you to quickly find everything you need.

  1. Mega PDF is an ebook search engine with more than 370 millions of free downloadable ebooks. You can find all kind of books such as manuals, novels and so on. You absolutely must try.
  2. PDFgeni allows you to find free PDF ebooks, novels and manuals for business, education, finance and programming.
  3. Search PDF eBooks is a free PDF search engine to search millions of PDF ebooks.
  4. PDFQueen is another interesting PDF search engine for ebooks.
  5. Free eBooks is an online source for free ebook downloads, ebook resources and ebook authors.