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Today I’m gonna show you some tricks to easily avoid loss of time downloading fakes from eMule… So, how many times did you get bored realizing that the thing you have just downloaded isn’t the thing you wanted but a stupid porn? Well, from today on, this won’t happen anymore!

To begin, let’s start eMule and get connected… After that just go to the search box and make a query to find what you want. Wait untill the process is done and then click on the tab “Availability (sources)” to index the results from the maximum to the minium.
At this time what you have is a list of results indexed by popularity… This mean that on top, there are those files with more chances to be what you are searching for…!
How to avoid fakes from eMuleSo, starting from the first just take a look on some details like the extension and the size… For example, if you are looking for a song than it should be .mp3/.wav (or whatever) and weight about 5mb, if you are searching for a dvd then it should be .iso and weight like 4,5gb.

Once choosed the proper file, start the download and click on “Transfer” tab. While processing the file, right click on it and select “Details”… A box with the tabs “Name” and “Comments” will appear.

How to avoid fakes from eMuleSelect the “Name” tab and take a look at that list: if just one title isn’t pertaining to what you were searching for (like “PORN XXX JESSICA” ecc.) then stop the download and try another one. If you were lucky and all names are nearly the same then jump to the comments tab: maybe that someone has written something about the file like “THIS IS NOT A FAKE” or “THIS IS THE RIGHT ONE” or whatever… That’s really helpful!

It may appear complicated but believe me, it’s just much easier to do then to explain!!!

That’s all…!