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The following is a list of websites that maintain and provide public lists of known and suspected malware sources. These lists can be used for preventing malware infections, managing incoming email, or testing purposes.

Note: Be very careful when visiting these sites, for many of them contain direct links to malware.

Malware Block Lists (Domains/URLs)

 Malware Domain Blocklist: maintains a listing of domains that are known to be used to spread malware and spyware.
 hpHosts Online: downloadable community managed hosts file for ad and malware site blocking.
Malware Patrol: download block lists of various malicious URLs (available in 29 formats).
 Sucuri Blacklists: a blacklist of sites and IP addresses that are involved on web attacks.
 ParetoLogic Malware Blacklist: provides a repository of malicious URLs.
 CLEAN-MX Realtime Database: a database that consists of virus URI.
 Malc0de Database: provides an updated database of malicious domains/IPs hosting executables.
 MalwareGroup: provides a list of recently added malicious domains from various resources.
IP Address Block Lists

 I-BlockList: maintains block lists that you can use with IP blockers such as PeerBlock, PeerGuardian, Moblock, and iplist.
 BISS IP Blocklists: has plain text files containing lists of IP addresses gathered from many different sources.
 Chinese and Korean IPs: lists IP blocks of China and Korea for those who want to avoid Asian spam.
Phishing Block Lists (Domains/URLs)

 PhishTank Phish Archive: see all suspected phish submissions

Spam Domain Block Lists


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HostsMan: free application that lets you manage your hosts file. It can take lists of malicious URLs and add them to the hosts file.
Has your IP address been blacklisted in any of the public block lists? You can use the following tools to find out.

 MXToolBox: check the IP address against 100+ known blacklists.