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Top 5 SIM Cloning Tools To Clone SIM Card

Posted: 03/09/2021 in Uncategorized
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Cloning a SIM card is’t the easiest thing to do but these 5 applications make it easy, give them a try and tell us how you got on.

1. MOBILedit

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MOBILedit is a popular SIM duplicator that can be used to format a SIM card or modify it pretty easily. You can clone a SIM card, copy its content, and create customized cards as well. The entire SIM cloning tool comes with a pack of cards that can readily be used and a SIM card cloning software.

  • • The toolkit consists of rewritable SIM cards and a cloning software
  • • It doesn’t require any authentication or matching of the PIN to clone the SIM card.
  • • It supports multiple readers with the transfer of all the essential data.
  • • Users can also format an old SIM card using its software

2. Magic SIM

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If you are looking for a lightweight and easy to use SIM card cloning software, then you can also give Magic SIM a try. It is only a SIM duplicator program that is available for Windows PC. Therefore, you have to buy a SIM card reader/writer and an empty SIM separately.

  • • All the GSM V1 SIM cards can be copied with this SIM cloning tool
  • • The desktop application is compatible with every major version of Windows
  • • It can copy all the major kinds of data like contacts, logs, messages, and more.
  • • Has an easy to use interface

3. USB Cell Phone SIM Card Cloner

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The USB Cell Phone SIM Card Cloner provides a trouble-free way to copy your data from one SIM card to another. The SIM cloning tool comes with dedicated software and a USB adapter. You can attack your SIM card to the adapter and connect it to your system. Later, you can use its SIM card clone app to copy it.

  • • The SIM duplicator supports multiple cards
  • • It can be used to back up the contents of a SIM card as well.
  • • Users can easily modify or copy one SIM card’s content to another
  • • Comes with a USB adapter and its own SIM card cloning software

4. SIM Explorer by Dekart

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A highly advanced SIM card clone app, SIM Explorer by Dekart, will certainly meet every requirement of yours. It performs a live and offline SIM card analysis, making sure that the card is not tampered with. The SIM cloning tool supports three scanning methods – manual, smart, and full. In this way, you can easily use this SIM duplicator to migrate to another phone easily.

  • • It can view and edit GSM SIM, 3G USIM, and CDMA R-UIM cards
  • • You can also obtain in-depth information related to the SIM by opening it in read-only mode.
  • • By providing the ADM codes, you can edit the inserted SIM card easily.
  • • The tool can also be used to perform a backup of your SIM card.

5. Mister SIM

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Developed by Mobistar, Mister SIM is another popular SIM card clone app that has been around for a long time. It works as a complete SIM management tool that can help you take a backup of your SIM data and copy it from one device to another. Apart from contacts, you can also copy messages, call logs, and other vital information.

  • • Provides a fast and easy way to manage your SIM data
  • • Users can easily copy the content of their SIM to PC or another SIM card
  • • Move from one device to another without losing your data or numbers